What is ComedySportz?

ComedySportz is the worldwide sensation that is bringing hilarious, fast-paced, clean comedy to you. ComedySportz Richmond pits two teams, the Richmond Legends and the Virginia Hams, against each other in an improv battle for laughs and points as they make up scenes, games and songs on the spot based off of your suggestions! The audience then votes for the winners. There is also a referee that calls the fouls and we even play the national anthem before each match.

How Much Are Tickets, and Where Do I Get Them??

Tickets are only $10 with a reservation, or $12 at the box office. You can get tickets RIGHT NOW! Online! Simply click on the TICKETS link above, pick the show you want and make it all happen from the comfort of your own home! Or feel free to call us at any time and make a reservation! Just call 804.266.9377

Will You Come To Our Event or Office?

Yep. ComedySportz is also available to come to any location. If your company, theatre, church, school, or (fill in the blank) is interested in bringing ComedySportz in, we will be ready to make 'em laugh. Call us at 804.266.9377 or email us at christine@cszrva.com for more information. Click here to learn more.

Do you Offer Classes?

ComedySportz offers our exclusive "ComedySportz University" Improv Training Classes several times a year! Different clasess are scheduled for adults, high schoolers and even middle schoolers!Click here to learn more! We also offer improv classes for kids in the summer months through our Improv Camp for Kidz program!