It's the return of our festival of holiday hilarity celebrating the art of improv comedy!

It's back! The hilarious new holiday tradition at our theatre - Improv Festivus 2013! We've invited talented improv comedians from across the country to perform on our stage for a 3-day comedy festival! It's not just a short form festival or a weekend of long form - it's an Improv Festivus for the rest of us! ComedySportz matches, short-form and long-form comedy ALL WEEKEND LONG! Feats of Strength, Airing of Grievances and even the traditional Festivus Pole!

This year is even bigger and better than our previous years, with TWENTY-THREE troupes joining your favorite ComedySportz Richmond players on stage!


THURSDAY, DEC. 12th - SATURDAY, DEC. 14th, 2013

Join us for one show or all six shows to get a taste of all sorts of improv! From musicals to sports, from 2 person sets to a cast of 10+, from Raleigh to Phoenix - we've got all sorts of amazing entertainment planned for the weekend that you won't want to miss!

An awesome lineup of insanely fun and talented performers will be filling all 3 nights. Here's who and when:

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12th - 8:00pm
TBA - (Richmond, VA)
Cliché - (Richmond, VA)
Overtime Improv - (Richmond, VA)
• West End Comedy - (Richmond, VA)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th - 8:00pm
• Hot and Sweaty - (Washington, DC)
• DaVinci - (Richmond, VA)
• Safety Shorts - (New York, NY)
• iProv - (Richmond, VA)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13th - 10:00pm
College For Bears - (Richmond, VA)
• Diversity Training - (Raleigh, NC)
Michael Loves Greg - (Philadelphia, PA)
• Coalition Theater TourCo - (Richmond, VA)

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14th - 6:00pm - ComedySportz Tournament Match
4 Cities battling it out in the sporting event of Comedy! Look for battles between Richmond, Raleigh, Washington, DC and New Orleans!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14th - 8:00pm
• No Strings Attached - (Harrisonburg, VA)
Purple Monkey Dishwasher
- (Phoenix, AZ/Chicago, IL)
• ESW - (Raleigh, NC)
• Nashville Improv Company - (Nashville, TN)

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14th - 10:00pm
• Nothing I’m Proud Of - (Raleigh, NC)
Tom - (Baltimore, MD/Toronto, ON)
Playdate! - (Raleigh, NC)
• deFrancisCO - (Chicago, IL)


This year we've added improv workshops for the beginner and more advanced improviser levels! We're welcoming our special guest TARA DeFRANCISCO, resident Chicago improvsier and teacher with IO, Second City and CSz Chicago!! She'll be teaching our Master Class on Saturday December 14.

We'll also be offering other workshops that weekend as well, including a FREE PUBLIC INTRO TO IMPROV Workshop Saturday Afternoon! REGISTER FOR WORKSHOPS HERE! And be sure to join our mailing list to keep updated with all of the latest Festivus news!

We're looking forward to celebrating Festivus with you!!!

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